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Wizz RSS News Reader 1.0

A simple program that lets you read RSS feeds from a practical interface
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Wizz RSS News Reader is a simple program that enables you to read RSS feeds. When the application starts for the first time, some examples of RSS feeds can be created (this is an optional action). These examples can give you an idea of the potential of this application.

All your RSS feeds can be sorted into folders, so you can manage your feeds in an orderly manner. Furthermore, when you click on a folder, the application can automatically read all the feeds contained in that folder. In addition, the program has a simple tabbed web browser to read your RSS feeds and web pages. This browser is based on the Internet Explorer's engine.

Moreover, you can use colored dots to mark your RSS feeds as read. And, you also can share each entry by email. Besides, if you make a double click on any entry, the complete news content will be shown in a new tabbed page, without the need of opening it in your default web browser.

Still, although at first glance the program looked very promising, after testing it, I realized it had some minor mistakes. For example, it is not able to read some RSS feeds at all. Also, new RSS feeds can only be added by using a context menu, and there are no other ways.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • The program's interface is simple and clear
  • The program includes a web browser


  • The program is not able to read some RSS feeds
  • You can add new RSS feeds only by using the context menu. There are no other ways
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